Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mechanism of action?

Our patented formula safely lowers the pH of the skin resulting in optimized performance and recovery.

What are your active ingredients?

[pH]UEL 5.0 formula is clinically designed to activate and potentiate all of our non-toxic and safe ingredients.

Is this safe to put on compromised skin?

Yes, our formula is mucous membrane safe and alcohol free.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can apply it?

No. Our formula can be applied as much as needed on a daily basis.

Do I need a prescription for this?

No. [pH]UEL 5.0 is not a drug.

What is the difference between the spray and foam?

Both products contain the same formula; they are simply packaged in different delivery systems. The spray is a quick and easy application option. The foam is recommended for those that are looking to thoroughly rub our formula into the affected area. The foam is also great as an adjunct for modalities such as electrical stimulation, tooled friction massage, and manual therapy.

Can it be used before treatments—both dry and ones that use a gel such as ultrasound?

Yes, [pH]UEL is a great option as a pre-application before any therapy treatment, and as an adjunct to lotions and gels.

What are the storage temperature requirements for PHuel 5.0

[pH]UEL 5.0 needs to be stored above 32 degrees (F) and below 120 degrees (F).

Where can I buy PHuel 5.0?

[pH]UEL 5.0 is currently available online and at select chiropractic and physical therapy clinics.

Is PHuel 5.0 safe for children & what age?

Our non systemic, high-benefit and low-risk formulation is a healthy choice for athletes and patients 2 years and older.

What is the storage life of PHuel 5.0?

The [pH]UEL 5.0 formula shelf life is approximately 2 years

What is the difference between PHuel 5.0 and other topical analgesics?

Our formula does not use menthols, capsacin, or any other sensory altering ingredients. Our patented technology creates a physiological effect by lowering the pH in the local tissue.

Is it safe for animals?


Is PHuel 5.0 safe to use around cuts and bruises?


Is it safe to use it on my face?

Yes, it is total-body safe.

Are there scientific studies done on PHuel 5.0?

Yes, please contact our office for more information.

Is PHuel 5.0 registered with the FDA?

Yes. Our parent company Avadim is actually an FDA compliant and regulatory manufacturing facility.

After applying PHuel 5.0, I have developed a rash/irritation on my skin. What should I do?

Discontinue use. If rash does persists, contact your physician.

Is PHuel 5.0 commonly used?

Yes, our formula is widely used in NCAA and professional athletics as well as in some of the most prestigious hospitals across the United States.