Why [pH] Matters

[pH]UEL 5.0 is a non-toxic, non-systemic, safe and effective clinical formulation shown to optimize intense training regimens and therapeutic recovery programs. The products base formulation is currently used in hospitals nationwide and proven in clinical trials and outcomes.

The body's largest organ, the skin, has a very delicate neuro and vascular relationship with underlying tissue. Maintaining healthy, low pH acid mantle supports these relationships. The skin’s thin protective outer layer (called the stratum corneum) optimally functions at a potent acidic pH of approximately 5.0. Optimizing the acidic characteristic of the skin enhances these relationships. [pH]uel 5.0 is a low pH topical solution.

Studies indicate a rise in skin pH results in significant amounts of trans-epidermal water loss, which can compromise athletic performance and health. Maintaining a healthy pH is a critical factor in the barrier properties of the skin. The scientific community has long established the necessity for proper pH in both skin and muscle health. [pH]uel 5.0 is a total body safe low pH formulation clinically designed to support the acidic nature of the skin.



Optimizing the outer layer of the skin and associated reactive tissue is a new paradigm in sports and physical medicine. These vital relationships can no longer be ignored. Designed to support this breakthrough through topical application on the skin, [pH]uel 5.0 is heading the charge in muscle science.



[pH]UEL 5.0 is a safe and effective, proven, antispasmodic.

Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC) is a clinical manifestation observed in athletes of all ages and gender. Strenuous physiologic demand can result in acute episodic spasms. [pH]uel 5.0 is clinically designed to attenuate exercise associated muscle cramps.

Muscle sprains and strains can result in a guarded evoked response leaving the athlete or patient in a hypertonic state. [pH]uel 5.0 has been shown to reduce hypertonicity and support interventional therapy and recovery.

[pH]uel 5.0 has been shown effective in muscle or tissue tightness associated with:

  • Scalene / Trapezius Injuries
  • Quadratus Lumborum Strains
  • Rib Subluxation
  • Plantar Faciatis


Muscle spasms, muscle fatigue, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and limited range of motion are all muscle performance limiting factors. It is believed these factors are caused by a combination of oxygen debt, lactic acid accumulation, excessive intra-muscular heat, inflammation, and other elements. Optimal hydration, nutrition, sleep, stretching, cardiovascular health and other elements all serve to mitigate the effects of muscle performance limiting factors.


[pH]uel 5.0 is designed to serve as an adjunct to interventional therapies on the following conditions:


The name Avadim means 'to serve.' Avadim Technologies Inc is a life sciences company that has developed a new class of life sciences solutions based on Pathogenesis Based Therapies (PBTs) which work to optimize the stratum corneum, integumentary functions, and the associated reactive tissue. Avadim Technologies, Inc. launched [pH]UEL 5.0 in 2015 to serve athletes and patients receiving physical therapy and chiropractic/orthopedic treatment.